The brand

Born and raised in Western Canada, our two pups (Echo and Tracer) are style fiends. They love wearing the latest fashions: bandanas, tshirts, jackets—you name it! Every season we buy them new clothes and they just walk around the dog park modelling it for their friends. Sometimes its hard to find the perfect outfit when it's snowing almost half the year!

We decided to start teddy tails to share their favourite outfits with the world. We kept getting asked where others could buy the same things, so we are curating a selection of their favourite pieces. Right now, we are focused on small dogs, but that could change in the future!

The dogs

Echo is a two year old red toy poodle. He loves wrestling with his friends at the park, challenging himself with puzzle and burrow toys, and playing hide and seek under the couch.

Tracer is a four year old Shorkie. He tires himself out by chasing Echo around the house, has a favourite spot on the couch, and loves sunbathing on the balcony.